The pristine beaches of Los Cardones won our hearts in 2001. The vicinity had suffered various levels of land degradation due to deforestation, intensive agriculture and overgrazing. Yet the coastal zone had only recently been impacted with overcutting of vegetation. We felt that the primary coastal forest and mangroves could be restored to their original balance through sustainable tourism.

Los Cardones Ecolodge and the Finca del Mar Beach Community span 120 acres, on the beach, of which 44 acres are now preserved for conservation.


Intense efforts of reforestation and habitat regeneration are bearing their fruit.

What used to be wide hot areas of bare sand are now shaded by native vegetation. Native grass and cacti stabilize the berm. Flowers, fruit and nut trees sustain insects and wildlife. Iguanas, squirrels, possums, birds can be observed in the forest and the lodge. The mangroves are growing again and providing habitat to migrating and tropical birds, spectacled caimans, crabs, mollusks, and ocean fish offspring.

Low Impact Construction

All construction is designed to blend harmoniously with the existing vegetation and adapt to the sites, without ever removing a tree. We use only local, permitted timber and renewable materials such as driftwood, palm fronds, cane.

We employ local craftsmen and local construction techniques, which take advantage of sun, rain and wind patterns for cooling and water drainage.

Low Carbon Footprint

To minimize our impact on climate change, we plant thousands of native trees each year and we use natural gas for cooking and refrigeration.

We minimize our energy consumption and use renewable power sources.

Beach Cleanup

Intoxication with trash is a major threat to sea turtles and other marine life.

We clean our beaches daily and offer kits for our guests to participate in beach clean-up. We organize wide-scale clean-ups with the children of our communities. All the trash that we collect on the beaches is identified, weighed and reported to the Ocean Conservancy.


Pure ground water is supplied by our own well, fitted with a mechanical pump and a gravity tank. Water conservation is encouraged further by the understanding that the water is pumped manually out of the well.

No contamination

Our compost toilets do not produce sewage and our grey water is filtered through septic tanks. We don’t use toxic materials that could affect health, fauna or flora.

All organic refuse is recycled onsite by thermophilic composting. Plastics, metals, glass, paper, cardboard are reused or recycled.

We minimize waste by buying from the producers or purchasing in bulk.