Los Cardones promotes an entire ecosystem of community development projects. Our guests are encouraged to participate in a wide-variety of projects that benefit the local community.



We are proud founding partners of Salud y Vida Community Health Workshops, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization developed to promote healthy communities in Nicaragua through interactive education with practical and sustainable applications.

 Started in 2013, the mission of Salud y Vida is to increase the health education among the medically underserved communities empowering them with the tools to live a healthier life for them and their whole family. The organization is supported by donors, by The Wyoming Surf Club and by the work of our volunteers.

You can Donate here to support Salud y Vida.

We also facilitate health clinics and workshops led by Students from Rutgers University.

Education through Art


We use art as a medium to teach social, cultural and environmental values through free art classes, crafts and workshops. We teach our students about self-esteem, the environment, health issues, children’s rights, and how they can play an active role in the improvement of their community. During this privileged time we practice English skills.

Arte Accion has held weekly workshops in primary schools since 2007.


lending-books-8We supply the local schools with books, school materials and infrastructure improvements.

2006-now: yearly donations of school supplies in four communities.

2009: start of our mobile library, offering weekly book lending.

2009: Collaboration with Finca Del Mar, S.A. for the construction of a classroom in San Diego

2013: Collaboration with Leaders Today for the construction of a library & learning center in San Diego.

The learning center now hosts our collection of 500 books in Spanish and educational games and serves as an additional classroom.

Sponsor local sports teams

Since 2009 we’ve sponsored a variety of local sport teams and encouraged outdoor fitness programs.


Our guests are welcome to join us and volunteer at Arte Accion and the lending library.

Donations of children books in Spanish and educational games are welcome. School, dental, and art supplies resource the local schools of California, San Diego, San Bartolo and Zapote.

Raise awareness in your community.

Economic opportunities

employment-generationIn an area that used to depend solely on sugar cane farming, we generate income and employment.

Los Cardones Ecolodge, Finca Del Mar, our construction and tree farm activities employ over 30 local men and women receiving stable, fair wages and professional training.

We generate income around us by buying local products (fresh fish, fresh milk, fruits and vegetables, art, jewelry) and supporting local entrepreneurs (transportation, massage therapy, horseback-riding, fishing tours)