R E V I V A L Project Yoga Training with Julia McCabe


Los Cardones Eco Lodge


Start: 8:00 am - October 15, 2018

End: October 22, 2018



Eco-surf ethos – Ocean conservation – 28 hr yoga intensive

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This project is inspired by the vision of Los Cardones, an eco-surf community and resort located off the Pacific side of Nicaragua. I stumbled upon this gem in 2009, referred by a fellow teacher and dear friend of mine Kristin Campbell who had been running retreats there. In 2010 I held my first training and retreat at Los Cardones and haven’t looked back since. Izic and Laure define surf-family radness and responsible tourism. I admire what they have managed to uphold: sustainable practices, solar power, simplicity versus frivolity – despite the pressures of conforming to the classic resort model.

As a result, Los Cardones draws in adventurers, surf lovers and nature lovers who love quiet time, reading copious amounts in hammocks, night time rum-drinking, surf and in bed by 9pm. It is a piece of paradise. Gorgeous bungalow huts, hammocks at every corner, the quietest of beaches, surf breaks and community.




“By working with us, your students are being responsible travellers to the core to a much deeper level, meaning that their activity during their trip is helping make our world better. It’s the power and beauty of responsible tourism.” – Laure Sitton, owner Los Cardones. 

We will spend eight days, learning hands-on conservation work with Izic, Laure and the Los Cardones staff as our educators and bosses. We will learn about sustainable practices and how an eco-surf business operates through experience. We will learn about sea turtle conservation, how to build a turtle nursery, reforestation, beach work, visit a local school nearby to clean up their library that Los Cardones has helped build over the years. It will be rewarding, sweaty and empowering work that you can hopefully apply to your own life or business model. Inevitably you will leave with a renewed vision for our Earth.

Why? Over the years, I have lived at Los Cardones for weeks at a time concentrating on the teaching of yoga trainings, barely surfed (still learning/still suck ha!) or have had the time to connect the way I’ve wanted to, as trainings are an exhausting amount of work. It has always been on my mind to do more meaningful work that connects with the vision of the owners, community and the ocean.


In the mornings we will practice early after sunrise, for three hours. If this sounds daunting, read the below:

Three yoga-options:

a) For current yoga teachers, we will work toward more advanced asana. These hours count as continuing education credits via Yoga Alliance. If you have fallen out of love with yoga, my goal is to spark your romance with it again. If you are a teacher, I may have you assist me on occasion.

b) For newer yoga students, I teach technique in stages. You will stay in the stage that is appropriate to you, your body and any injuries you are working with. Be prepared to be challenged in a new way! Arrive with an open mind.

c) If you prefer to be a part of JUST the hands-on work, that is fine. Sleep in, surf, arrive in the afternoons to help.

The three hour practices will be progressive and intense. (See my bio for how I teach and my past education). My current passion is to infuse activating/mood-enhancing breath work, Kundalini practices with Hatha/Vinyasa asana. I thrive off of traditional asana, Iyengar based alignment with modern ways; building into creative free flow. At times, it is a vigorous, sweaty practice – and in tune with your energy. On the days your body is tired, we will do more yin/restorative work as well. My passion has been to see the shift in students from day one to day seven, from anxiety to clarity, boredom to excitement, uncertainty to enthusiastic next steps.


I don’t like to force anyone to do or not do things. Meaning, HOW you connect during our time together will happen the way it’s meant to. I’m not a yoga teacher who’s going to force you to hold hands in a circle or blow flowers up your ass. *Wow, I just typed that and now I’m publishing it.* I like to keep it real – at times, the yoga might get a bit weird, that’s all. Whether it means you need to connect to quiet – if your life is hectic, to others – if your life has been consumed by work, your body – if you’ve been neglecting it, to nature – if you feel you want to contribute more, to surf – if you LOVE the ocean.

There will be tons of time for you to surf, relax, get massaged and eat good food. There will be no need for you to rent a car because there is nowhere else to be. We are literally in the middle of nowhere Nicaragua, off a bumpy dirt road. There are no grocery stores, plazas or towns nearby. If you rent a car, you’ll most likely never find Los Cardones unless “turn where you see a tired out white horse” sounds reliable – and that wouldn’t be fun. There is a hotel fifteen minutes down the beach that you can walk to for faster WIFI if this is necessary for you. Expect lizards, sand crabs, crazy storms at night, loud crashing surf at night, hot humid weather, no air conditioning, no lights at night and security guards who you can play Spanglish with.


Tentatively our days will look like this:

630-930am: Morning yoga intensive

930-12pm: Breakfast break, surf, hammock time

12pm-1pm:  Lunch

1-530pm: Sea turtle nursery build /reforestation project/ school clean up

530pm: Off-time, surf, chill, do your own thing time  – *Option to do a group yin, restorative session as well.*

7pm – Dinner



Anyone. Even kids. Why not. So long as they are fun kids who are keen to contribute, play and are not going to whine about no wifi or video games. We can whip ’em into tip top ship shape.


email juliamariemccabe@gmail.com for registration info.