Empowering Practices Retreat with Nickolai and Nevada


Los Cardones Ecolodge


Start: May 14, 2018

End: May 24, 2018

Cultivating simple habits to maintain a balanced lifestyle using breath, movement and meditation.

7 to 10 days Retreat with Nickolai Skriabin and Nevada Christianson.

Starting at US$1022+tx. Register at these links : a Beach Cabaña or Ocean View Bungalow.



This retreat was designed following multiple visits to Los Cardones. We found that after our stays we were rested, rejuvenated and experienced renewed vigour, vitality and an increase in creative inspiration. By combining simple, empowering practices in this oceanside sanctuary we offer a physical and mental reset that will bring balance, health and happiness.



Nickolai Skriabin: After quitting competitive skiing 10 years ago my focus has been to find the joy in movement and sport without creating physical, mental and emotional strain, and extending this balanced way of being into my relationsips with friends and family.

Nevada Christianson: The art of living mindfully has been a long time focus. I enjoy sharing simple practices that can be easily adopted and integrated into daily life, practices that increase awareness, vitality and our capacity to experience and express love and joy.



In keeping with the understanding that healthy living requires interaction with and a connection to the natural world, the schedule of this retreat will incorporate sunrise and sunset, the ebb and flow of the tides (surfing and beachcombing) and the ability to receive and appreciate nature’s gifts – such as releasing baby sea turtles out to sea, which is part of the Los Cardones sea turtle conservation program.

A typical day may unfold as follows:

  • Sunrise – meditation and/or journaling – 45 min – 1hr
  • Breakfast
  • The Five Tibetans and movement exercises – 30-45 min
  • Kitchen time: tricks and tips for mindful eating – 1hr
  • Lunch
  • Daily Massage – 1hr
  • Guided breathwork – 1hr
  • Sunset & Surfing
  • Dinner
  • Optional Discourses on subjects such as:
    • Transforming through injury
    • Healthy eating on a budget
    • Creating lasting change – the art of adding the good.

Movement class will target development of balance, strength and range of motion through functional and practical movement.

Meditation will include Ānāpānasati, Metta practices, as well as using breath as a pathway to understanding and honouring our inner being.

Breathwork will focus on releasing trapped emotion through gentle rythmic breathing.

Surfing will promote general well-being and encourage playfullness and joy.


Note: participation in activities presented throughout the retreat will be gently encouraged, but respectfully optional.



You will enjoy simple, healthy meals using local, non-processed ingredients that will nourish and uplift you.

We welcome your requests and will cater to your dietary needs.


What’s included

You may choose the length of your retreat from 7 to 10 days, starting on May 14th, 2018.

  • Daily full body massage
  • Breath, Movement and Meditation classes
  • Hands-on kitchen time
  • Discourses
  • All meals, snacks, appetizers, desserts  and non-alcoholic drinks
  • Lodging. 2 options of accomodation are offered, which you can reserve in single or double occupancy.

If you are registering by yourself and would like to share your lodging with another participant, please email us and we will try to pair you with a roommate.


Practical information

Check in is at 1 pm May 14th, check out at 10 am May 21st to 24th, depending how long you choose to participate.

Guests typically travel on the day prior to the retreat into Managua airport. You may arrange an extra night at Los Cardones (late evening pick up can be arranged) or  spend the night at Managua Best Western and get a morning transfer. The ride from Managua airport to the lodge is only 90 minutes and costs $70 for 1 or 2 persons. Email us and we’ll gladly help you arrange transportation.

The following services are available and can be scheduled onsite.
Surf Board Rentals ($25/ day – $150 / week)
Surf Lessons ($30/1hr)
Horseback Riding ($12 / 1.5 hr)
Sea turtle nursery : observe sea turtle nesting and hatching (free),
Community outreach and Volunteering (cost of transportation)
Cooking class (tip)
Nature Tour ($10)
Explore Nicaragua day trips ($140-150, fits 4 p)
Fat tire bicycle rental ($12 per half-day)
Surf Shuttle by waverunner ($30-50)
Fishing Boat Charter (350, fits 4 p)
Child care ($20 per day)
Beer, rum, wines are available for purchase
Also available for free: volleyball, basket ball, soccer, pingpong, boardgames, slackline…


Suggested reading

Whatever arises, Love that by Matt Khan

Reality transurfing by Vadim Zeland

The untethered soul by Michael Singer