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los cardones Summer

Los Cardones:

Right in front of the lodge. A gentle sand bottom beach with long lefts and rights breaking off a river mouth. Perfect for longboarders and intermediate surfers all year round. Gentle and safe for beginners.


15 min walk. An island-like left point, fast and hollow. Breaks over a shallow rock shelf; experts only.


10 min ride by waverunner or 1h30 min walk. Excellent beach break, A-frames all day.


NOV-MAR: Waist to head-high offshore perfection. The river mouth peaks are well formed, which means very long clean lines to get creative on.

APR-OCT: As we enter the South swell season, the waves get progressively bigger, head-high to double-over- head. Los Cardones beach stays fun and safe for all levels.

Water temperature is 26-29 C (79-84F) all year. Bring warm water wax.

Surf Lessons

Surf lessons are offered every day. In line with the requirements of the International Surfing Association, our surf lessons include:

  • assessment of past experience
  • board choice
  • ocean safety
  • personal safety
  • technique
  • warm up and practice.

Surfboard Rentals

We have a quiver of 35 boards to satisfy all styles: longboards, shortboards, funboards, and stand-up paddle boards (SUPs) for cruising and performance.

Take advantage of our weekly board rental rates and save yourself the headache of travelling with a board.


We are proud members of the Wyoming Surf Club and the Biarritz Sauvetage Côtier.

Fans of Bushman Surboards.

Admirers of Daniel’s boards.

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Surf Trip Los Cardones

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