Sharing and Learning


Engage meaningfully with our local community. Participate in our community outreach and volunteering weekly program.

Take a Cooking Class


We offer traditional cooking classes. Learn from a local!

Horseback Riding

A local guide will take you along the beach before sunset and, if you wish, through the coastal woods and sugar cane fields. These gentle mounts are suitable for inexperienced riders and families.

Outdoors activities

Trail run, rent a bicycle, play volley ball, basketball, ping pong, beach soccer, horseshoe, walk the slack line.

Volcano Excursions

Book an adventure. Zip lining, sand boarding, howler monkeys, hanging bridges, thermal lake, cloud forest, volcano hike.

Markets & Colonial Towns

grenada-aNicaragua has a rich culture to share. The arts and crafts market of Masaya, a potterĀ“s workshop, the museum of the Revolution in Leon, colonial arquitecture in Granada are just 2 hours away.



birding-lcTypical bird species of the wetland Pacific of Nicaragua are black-crab hawks, roseate spoonbill, boatbill herons, great herons, egrets, pacific parakeets and parrots, hummingbirds, motmots, trogons, lesser ground cuckoos.

Preserved Mangroves & Coastal Woods

kayakObserve wildlife: spectacled caimans, iguanas, migratory and tropical birds, agoutis, tree porcupines, coyotes, raccoons, white squirrels.

Walk to a site of pre-Columbian petroglyphs (stone carvings) depicting scenes of gatherers-hunters.


surf-castingSnook, pompano, snapper, mackerels, parrot fish can be caught right from shore. Bring your gear. Purchase live bait or hire a local fisherman to learn his technique.

Fishing Charter

Our waters abound with wildlife. It is not rare to encounter whales, dolphins and sea turtles while fishing offshore. |


beach-combingExplore miles of deserted beaches, wide sandy beaches, rocky points, tide pools, ocean lagoon. Our pristine beaches and coastline teem with life, from endangered sea turtles to seabirds and mollusks.

Full Body Massage

massageEnjoy a serenity massage with our certified massage therapists. The 1-hour full body, deep tissue or relaxation massage is offered in a private rancho over the dune, adding the benefits of the sea breeze and light to your treatment.

Rest & Relax

Find a book in our library, disappear in a hammock, the meditation platform. Mini-boutique shopping.

Los Cardones Ecolodge by Mario and Ginette